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Plot 1128, Ekukinam Street.
Utako District, Abuja
09:00 - 17:00
+234 708 513 1882

About Us


All our works & services are based on ensuring structures are safe, economical & to standard.


We accommodate customers views and do consider them in our day to day decision making

Project Management

We will Manage your project for you from the begining till the end of the project with 100% Satisfaction.

Story About Us

Tisney Company Limited is an indigenous Design, Construction & Project outfit run by young and vibrant personnel in the fields of Civil\Building Engineering, Structural/Architectural/Mechanical/Electrical Designs, Project & Infrastructure Management, Pipeline Engineering, Water & Environmental Engineering, Procurement etc.

Our Commitment

Tisney Company Limited is committed to the safety and health of our employees and to the protection of the environment while supplying products and services in a safe and sustainable manner. This commitment adds value to clients and stakeholders. HS&E considerations are woven into the Tisney Company Limited core values of performance, Teamwork, Learning, and Integrity-a foundation of the Tisney Company Limited philosophy and part of every business decision. Each day, Tisney Company Limited leaders and employees work to maintain an HS&E culture where everyone is accountable for their actions and decisions.

Our Vision

To become a Multinational Construction Company that will be committed to leveraging innovation and initiative to providing a lasting and sustainable solution to the growing construction demands in the world.